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The Type collection of research on Chinese typography
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十多年来,The Type 一直在中文领域推动公众对字体排印、文字设计的认知。从最初引介西方字体排印理论和知识,到近年来开始针对中文字体领域做独立研究,我们愈加意识到中文设计基础教育的匮乏,与国际相关领域的交流渠道也比较单一。虽然中文设计是一个较难入门的领域,但我们相信,进行更自主、更公开的研究、并且将中文设计面临的挑战放到全球视角下共同探讨,能为我们自己的文字设计带来更多突破。

这三本手册便是 The Type 正在进行的多个中文设计研究项目的选集,话题包括了中文字体设计历史与发展、中文排版传统与当代实践、以及中文语境下对跨文化设计的讨论。

We at The Type have been promoting public awareness of typography and design in the Chinese community for over ten years. Whether it is introducing Western typography theories and knowledge, or conducting independent research on Chinese typography in recent years, we are often concerned about the inadequate typography education in China as well as the lack of exchange we have with the international community. Chinese typography is not easy to tackle, but we believe that, by more self-initiated and open research, we are able to address our challenges under a global perspective and invite more discussions and breakthroughs to the field.

So here is a three-volume collection of our on-going research and dialogues about typography and design in China, including its history and development, conventions and contemporary practice, and working in transcultural contexts.


Shanghai Type: a slice of modern Chinese type history


The development of Chinese type design since the foundation of the People’s Republic in 1949 cast significant influence to its contemporary developments. Yet it has remained as much a mystery to the outside world as to local designers. Thanks to the research throughout the Shanghai Type project, we attempt to illustrate a slice of the history of how modern Chinese type design began as a groundbreaking state-initiated endeavour, and then gradually faded in the age of market and commercialisation.

Kǒngquè: restoring the mindset of Chinese typesetting


The convention and wisdom of Chinese typography that was developed over centuries has failed to be inherited by designers today’s designers. This is caused partially by the Latin-orientated computer softwares and the negligence in the Chinese design education. Kǒngquè project aims to fill this gap by revisiting the typographic traditions in China in the modern context and restoring a mindset of native Chinese typography.

Transcultural Type Design: a dialogue from China


Among the Chinese-speaking designers, discourse around transcultural typography is still in its infancy. This small volume is the record of the first of a series of open discussions moderated by us, to address this global trend as well as the debate and strategies that come along in the Chinese context.

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